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Who Will You Be?



To Be A Character You Must Message Me Here And Your Character Will Be Permenant! Anyone That Comes On To Chat That Has Not Been Registered Will Be Kicked And If Done Two More Times Will Be Banned!

Only Disney And Pixar characters are allowed! (No Star Wars Or Marvel Characters)

Once on chat, there is no foul language, and users must remain in character at all times!

Admins Can Have Two Characters A Hero And Villain .

. -----Saoeip345 (founder)

The Story (that explains why all the characters can meet)

Once upon a time. in a land called danville, brothers phineas and ferb were creating a paradox-universe machine which in theory could grant acess to another dimesion where the population. meanwhile on the otherside of town dr. heinz doofenshmirtz was creating a universe-creator-paradox-inator which could grant acess to a dimesion where heinz was the head of the o.w.c.a (because he thought he could take over the tri-state area using animals). p&f and doofenshmirtz completed there machines at the same time!

And they turned there machine on at the same time. a 20 second timer started, just then perry the platypus burst in. and he got caught in a trap, and the timer was at 4. perry couldnt stop the ,machine 4..3..2..1...................................

The 2 machine beams collided and made a giant hole in the different universes. all the universes started to join together.

Gravity falls materielized next to Agrabah. the cartoon wasteland blended with toontown.

The entire disney universe had come together, every character could now meet. commanded by The phantom blot and doofenshmirtz and lead by a mysterious figure the disney villains are scheming to rule their new world.

There Are Hero's,Villains,Pets and Robot's!


Live! Chat


Saoeip345 -- [[1]] (Hero), Vanessa_Doofenshmirtz  (Villain)

Cdk2001 -- Dipper Pines (Hero) Robbie (Villan)

Numbuh6 -- Gretchen (Hero) Shego (Villain)

Oidua-- Kim Possible

I Am A Superstar!! : ) --Minnie Mouse

Sapphire12998 -- Violet Parr

Tronstoppable -- V.I.N.CENT

Person1507 -- Phineas Flynn

CandaceFan -- Mowgli

Tashadenise1 -- Timon

Shadowmaster18 -- Pumbaa

Dipper4561 -- Mabel Pines (Hero) Gideon (Villain)

MewDipperMew -- Kovu

MablePines -- Candy_Chiu (Hero) Pacifica_Northwest (Villain)

Doofenwitch -- The Phantom Blot

Pea&eff -- Dr Doofenshmirtz

Badgirlamie123 -- Daisy_Duck

Hpwkep98 -- Quorra

D&d duck -- Tron

Pinesmabel -- Isabella_Garcia-Shapiro

Phineasphan6849 -- Mickey_Mouse

Soosbigdude -- Grunkle_Stan

Original Authority? = ? Alex Russo

Thefinnlink? =? Dug (UP)

Aiw94  = Alice (Hero) Cheshire Cat (Villain)

Superbatman565  = Wreck-it Ralph

PixieHollowGirl5 Rapunzel

Wendy1234 Wendy (gravity falls)

GTGenAK  = Waddles

Ferbfan13 = Ferb

DamiedeterJR = Buzz Lightyear

Fan85247528 = Candace_Flynn

ShootingStar29  = Jane_Porter

TitanicMixGirl = Soos

Kairikh  = Kairi

The monster man = Vanellope_von_Schweetz

Disney dork777  =  Aladdin

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